Identity  /  UX/UI

M Commercial


The challenge.

M Commercial is a luxury commercial brokerage firm nominated for 5 years in a row as Canada’s Best Commercial Mortgage Broker by the ''Canadian Mortgage Professionals Magazine''. I was asked to deliver an elevated brand mark supported by a fresh look and feel to match the best-in-class nature of the organization.

Timeless typography.

Typography is an essential element of the M Commercial identity. Bold use of the prescribed typefaces throughout brand communications will help maintain a cohesive visual style. The timeless nature of 'Didot' accentuated by the post geometric flair of 'Euclid Square' ensures flexibility that is always elegant and never stuffy.

Palette & photography.

The right imagery enables communications to make a far more direct and emotive connection with our audiences. Finding and choosing the right images can be subjective, but following these themes ensures that every communication consistently reflects the personality of the brand.

The Digital Experience.