I’m Christopher, a multidisciplinary designer.


Create, innovate
& inspire.

I have an affinity for telling the unique stories of exceptional brands and producing human centered experiences that positively impact the way our users think, feel and ultimately behave. I believe in ideas that are designed entirely with our audience in mind from concept to deployment and are supported by qualitative and quantitative results.


Friends I've made.

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"I had the pleasure of working very closely with Christopher over a 3 year period. Christopher deeply connected and understood user needs and delivered an endless number of high quality deliverables from concept to launch. He is well respected by all constituents (business, eng, PM) and his work was often used as a template for other areas. He will most definitely be missed."
Jaydon Cambell
Senior Product Manager

"Christopher is a first class designer who creates such high quality work that his users go out of their way to make their appreciation for him known to as large of an audience as they can. Christopher's incredible passion for providing a good user experience and his ability to gain a deep understanding of complex product areas quickly make him an irreplaceable asset on any team he works on. He always takes the time to thoroughly review and vet all potential options within the timeframe alloted to him to create strongly supported and well researched solutions. It is a very rewarding experience to work alongside Christopher, as he is always happy to provide guidance and work with his team to ensure that everyone has the best possible outcome. I was able to work with him for only about 9 months, but his impact on me and our team will be long lasting."
Roshini Kumar
UX Designer

"Thank you for all your contributions, Christopher. Your work was truly a difference maker for our users. I hope our paths cross again in the future."
John McCarty
Technical Lead Manager

"Christopher was a pleasure to work with at Google for the past two years. He was our team's defacto person to confer with when you were thinking about creating a new pattern in our design system. He's a natural leader that shows through his work. "
Daniel Kim
Interaction Designer